Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Lundgren Christmas Traditions

1. Christmas Decor

2. Presents
3. Making sugar cookies and other treats and then going caroling to neighbors
3. Family Fun (singing Christmas Carols, reading Christmas stories, pillow fights...)

4. The kids wearing 'Santa Lucia' wreaths for our Christmas Eve feast (it's a Swedish tradition)
5. Eating Swedish meatballs for our Christmas Eve feast (I know they don't look that appetizing in the picture, but they were delicious!)

6. Acting out the nativity on Christmas Eve

(Ava was the angel on high, who ate Baby Jesus at the end of her performance)

7. Tracking where Santa is before bed on Christmas Eve on

8. Pouring reindeer food (dry oatmeal and glitter) outside to make sure Santa can find our house

9. Leaving cookies and milk for Santa

10. Kids sleeping in the same bed so they can try to see Rudolph together

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