Thursday, March 25, 2010

Give Thanks

We went to Salt Lake again for this past Thanksgiving. I love living closer to family. Grant's fam is so much fun and we love being able to see them more often.

The kids were SOOOOO excited to play in the snow, even though there wasn't very much. Cole even tried sledding with Uncle Kurt and Uncle Ryan.

Charlotte is the only cousin we got to see, but she and Ava had a lot of fun together. This is a picture of all the cousins in footsie pjs.

Making turkey cookies with FarMor and Aunt Kari

You have no idea how hard it was to get this picture. And, as you can tell, it wasn't really worth it.

Grant's dad and uncles getting the feast ready. There was probably 50 people there, which was crazy but also tons of fun!

Claire and Aunt Melissa

Ava loved playing with Uncle Ryan. I don't remember what they were doing here, but it was something cute!

The family picture for the Lundgren Christmas card. The only family missing is Ben's. Wish they lived closer!

And here's all the cousins with the single aunts and uncles. All the kids love these aunts and uncles so much!

No Thanksgiving trip would be complete without some Black Friday shopping, but fortunately there's no picture of me doing that at five in the morning! We had a blast as always and even got to go to breakfast with Uncle Kevin. We love this new tradition of spending Thanksgiving in Utah!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Prego in San Diego

Back in November (yes, I'm still playing catch-up) I went to San Diego with my friend, Janae, and all of our kids. We were both pregnant and without husbands, so it was quite the trip! Janae's brother-in-law has a condo right on Solana beach and it was soooo awesome. In fact, it was so great that we ended up booking the condo for a week this summer and are going to vacation there with my family.

Janae and her daughter Emily

Janae and her other daughter, Olivia

Cole, contemplating the universe

Ava, contemplating the physics of sand being hurled through the air

I couldn't resist taking this shot of some local surfers

Cole and Claire were having fun letting the waves chase them up the coast.

However, after Cole was toppled by a wave he was scared for his life and wouldn't go near the water. And he was completely convinced that Claire was going to die when she kept playing in the waves.

Here he is tearfully watching her after he couldn't convince me to make her come away from the water.

Now he's running to me, bawling because she won't listen to him after his repeated screams for her to stop.

And finally: intervention. He's desperately trying to stop Claire from impending death.

Claire, obviously, did not feel her death was as imminent as Cole did.

At least I know he loves her! :)

We went back later that day and stayed away from the water, which finally made Cole relax. The kids spent hours just digging in the sand.

Emily and Olivia

Trying to muster up the courage to go inside this cave.

On our last day we went to see the San Diego temple. I'd never seen it in person and, wow, is it stunning.

The last night we were there Janae saw a mouse run under the oven. We were totally freaked out and decided the best thing to do was blockade the opening under the oven. We didn't see it again, so I guess it worked!

We had SO much fun! The only sad part was that it was the weekend "New Moon" came out and we missed all the fun midnight showings. So, on our way home we had our husbands meet us at the movie theater parking lot to take the kids home while we went to see the movie. It made the trip a complete success!