Thursday, September 4, 2008

'Delicate' Explained

Ok, I know I have way too much catching up to do on this blog to be posting about this, but I've gotten so many comments, questions and other responses about my 'Delicate' post (my 11 year old sister called me bawling after she read it, just to name one), that I feel like I have to do a little explaining.  I was trying to document some of my feelings in that post and how vulnerable you can feel as a mom watching your kids grow up and deal with life.  Claire is totally fine and has friends and everyone likes her.  She ended up playing with the girl that I wrote about in the post.  She can be shy at times and also, since she doesn't like to run around too much on the playground :), she sometimes plays alone at recess.  But I've noticed that a lot of other kids play alone, too.  It's kind of the nature of that age.  It's just hard as a mom because you worry so much and want to make sure other kids like your child and that she never feels lonely or left out.  I'm sure Claire doesn't even remember the incident and didn't feel nearly as vulnerable as I felt for her!  So, anyway, there's no need to worry about Claire!  :)  I just needed to get some of my feelings out to make me feel better!