Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Senior Year Memories

I've been into these tags lately, so here's another one!

1.What is your school's full name? Klein High School
2.Where was your high school? Spring/Klein, TX (suburb of Houston)
3.Who was your best friend? Tamera
4. What extracurricular activities were you involved in? Choir, drama, Honor Society
5. What kind of car did you drive? white Toyota Celica
6. It's Friday night, where were you? Hanging out at someone's house, watching movies, sometimes at a football game, maybe on a date
7. Were you a party animal? Can you be a party animal if you're a good Mormon?
8. Were you considered a flirt? Most definitely :)
9. Were you a nerd? no
10. Did you get suspended or expelled? no
11. Can you sing the fight song? Oh hail, all hail to old Klein High...
12. Who were your favorite teachers? Mrs. Schnell, Mrs. Esmond, Mr. Raddin
13. Where did you sit during lunch? Is this question trying to get me to say if I sat at the cool table or not? I don't really understand how to answer - I sat at a table with my friends, maybe in the southwest corner (?)
14. School mascot? Bearkat. Just what a bearkat actually is was a continuing debate.
15. Did you go to Prom, and if so with who? Yes, unfortunately with Adrian Dawson. He was a convicted felon (he stole $100 from his work). I remember my reasons for saying yes to him, they just don't make sense anymore. I was nominated for Prom Queen and the only conversation I remember having with Adrian that night was him asking me, "You're not gonna be, like, bummed out if you don't win are you? Cuz that'd suck if you ruined our night cuz you were sad." Yeah, he was a real winner.
16. If you could go back and do it over, would you? Most people know that I LOVED high school. Grant will tell you that I still cry when I talk about how much I miss it (that's a joke - mostly). So, part of me would love to go back. But, I think most of me wouldn't. As fun as it was, there was still too much drama, competition, insecurities, etc.
17. What do you remember most about graduation? That it was long!
18. What was your favorite class? English, choir, and my computer class cuz Lindsay and I just talked the whole time.
19. Where were you on senior skip day? I don't remember a Senior skip day. Well, unless it was the Monday after Prom. In that case, I would have been at a beach house in Galveston.
20. Did you have a job your senior year? I was a singing hostess at Macaroni Grill.
21. Where did you go most often for lunch? We couldn't leave the school for lunch.
22. Have you gained weight since then? Yes, unfortunately!
23. What did you do after graduation? I worked that summer at Macaroni Grill.
24. Did you go to your 10 year reunion? Yes.

I tag my high school friends: Tamera, Lindsay, Kristen (and Sarah and Natalie, but I'm not sure how often they read my blog)

Couples Tag

What is my name? Cassidy Ann Dickson Lundgren
How long have you and your s.o. been together? Married 7 years, been together 8.
Who eats more? Hmmm, neither of us eat a ton (for those of you who have seen Grant, you can attest to this), but I definitely enjoy food more than Grant.
Who said I love you first? Grant. It was about the sweetest, most sincere moment I could've ever dreamt up. True, a little cliche because we were hiking Y mountain (at BYU), but that big white Y on the mountain is very special to me now!
Who is taller? Grant, thank goodness. I'm 5'3" so if he was shorter than that, it'd be a little weird.
Who sings better? Grant won't feel bad if I say definitely me. Few things delight him more than singing badly!
Who is smarter? I'm more book-smart and a deeper thinker, but Grant is so much smarter than me with more practical, everyday things (like common sense).
Who does the laundry? Usually me, but if I get behind Grant will do some of his own loads without any nagging, which I greatly appreciate. However, he is completely hopeless when it comes to folding laundry.
Who does the dishes? That is supposed to be Grant's main chore around the house, and he usually does an amazing job staying on top of it. I try to do them throughout the day, though.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Right side if you're in the bed? Like Stage Right? If so, then me. Does anyone know if that is supposed to mean anything?
Who pays the bills? Grant. Bills are an example of practical, everyday things at which Grant is much better than me!
Who mows the lawn? Grant. He's my man!
Who cooks dinner? Usually me, much to my disdain (and probably to my family's as well!). I HATE cooking and often want to cry thinking that I have to do it three times a day for the rest of my life!!!!! Grant is a much better cook than me, but he just doesn't have much time for it, so unfortunately (for all involved) the lot falls on me.
Who drives when you are together? Grant, which is a good thing since he is a HORRIBLE back-seat driver and drives me up a wall when I drive!
Who is more stubborn? Definitely me. Grant's not very stubborn. One of his many wonderful traits (or lack of a trait).
Who is the first to admit when they're wrong? Probably Grant, but I try hard to keep up with his goodness!
Whose parents do you see the most? Mine, although we wish we could see Grant's as much.
Who kissed who first? Grant and he definitely should get an award for persistence because I tried my hardest to dissuade him. A lesser man would have given up (as many had before him).
Who proposed? Both of us in a way. I kinda told Grant that if he was going to ask me to marry him he had to do it RIGHT THEN or I'd flip out (I was scared). So he obeyed me, like the smart man he is. But, when he got the ring a few weeks later he proposed again of his own free will.
Who is more sensitive? Definitely me, but one of the things I love most about Grant is certain things do make him teary-eyed.
Who has more friends? Me. Grant has a short friend attention span. Outta sight, outta mind.
Who has more siblings? Grant. He has 6 siblings. I have 2.
Who wears the pants in the family? Probably me. Grant's too sweet. But, don't be fooled. If he cares about something enough he will fight me. (Lucky for me that doesn't happen too often!)

I tag Kara, Shannon, Kerstin and Amy

Writers Schmiters

Actually, I don't know if I should have written 'Writers Schmiters' or 'Studios Schmudios,' meaning I don't know who to blame for the continuation of the blasted writers strike, but it's ticking me off! I'm tired of my shows not being on and I'm worried about 'Lost' abruptly ending at a rough cliffhanger cuz the strike will still not be over then. I'm also mad that the Oscars aren't going to really happen and I'm worried about movies that are supposed to be coming out this year i.e. Twilight! So, whoever is to blame, I'm mad at you!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy 2008!

We celebrated New Year's by going to our friends', the Mortons, house. The kids stayed up with us until 11 pm! Even Ava! We ate, played games, talked, and then lit sparklers outside in the freezing cold. Luckily, we all slept in the next day! Happy 2008!

Cute Kiddies

This is the kids first bath all together. They had such a great time! Ava thought it was the best thing in the whole world to be with the big kids in the water. The next picture is of Claire sleeping in Ava's crib along with Ava. They share a room and one night we peeked in there and saw that Claire had snuck in with Ava after she'd fallen asleep. How cute!

Winter Wonderland

Here's some shots from just one of the MANY snowstorms we have gotten in the last month or so. It sure is a pain to get around in, but at least it's beautiful!

Our house

Our street

The snowman the kids and dad made (mom doesn't really like to play in the snow). Too bad it never got a face. The red yarn is supposed to be hair, because Claire insisted it be a girl snowman.

Public Market

Grant and I went on a double date with our good friends the Youngs. We went to the Public Market downtown and then went ice skating. Let's just say ice skating isn't my thing. Actually, I think it was mostly because the rental skates I had were WAY too big and I couldn't keep my balance cuz my feet kept sliding around inside the skates. So, that part wasn't as fun as I'd wanted, but we all still had a great time. Here's some shots inside the Public Market.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Joyeaux Noel

We spent Christmas day playing with all the new toys the kids got. That, and sleeping. Claire and Cole woke up at 4 AM!!!! I think they were kicking each other in their sleep since they slept in the same bed, so they woke each other up and then realized that Santa had come - it was all over by then. So, Grant and I dragged ourselves out of bed and we all opened presents before the sun was even flirting with the idea of coming up. Luckily, Ava didn't wake up amid the kids' continual shouts of excitement and trying out of new toys. She, at least, got a normal sleep! It was reminiscent of my growing-up because we always woke up at around 3 or 4 am to open presents. Grant has always sworn that our little family would never wake up that early, but he obviously ate his words this year! It was so fun to see how excited the kids were. This was by far the most fun Christmas we've had as far as the kids excitement goes - they're finally both old enough to "get it" and to be excited for Santa and presents, etc. It was great.

(Ava's mad in the above picture cuz she can't get a hershey kiss open!)

Lundgren Christmas Traditions

1. Christmas Decor

2. Presents
3. Making sugar cookies and other treats and then going caroling to neighbors
3. Family Fun (singing Christmas Carols, reading Christmas stories, pillow fights...)

4. The kids wearing 'Santa Lucia' wreaths for our Christmas Eve feast (it's a Swedish tradition)
5. Eating Swedish meatballs for our Christmas Eve feast (I know they don't look that appetizing in the picture, but they were delicious!)

6. Acting out the nativity on Christmas Eve

(Ava was the angel on high, who ate Baby Jesus at the end of her performance)

7. Tracking where Santa is before bed on Christmas Eve on www.noradsanta.org

8. Pouring reindeer food (dry oatmeal and glitter) outside to make sure Santa can find our house

9. Leaving cookies and milk for Santa

10. Kids sleeping in the same bed so they can try to see Rudolph together