Wednesday, August 8, 2007


OH MY GOSH!!!! I went to a Josh Groban concert last night with my friend, Kara Pothier. We actually got the tickets from another friend of mine (and visiting teaching companion), Amy Rahm, who sold us the tickets because she got some better ones down on the floor. BUT - she was sorry she did!!!! Towards the middle of the concert, Josh left the stage while his violinist performed a solo (who was incredible - a little intense, but incredible). After the solo ended Kara and I were talking and all of a sudden noticed these bodyguards coming up and standing right in front of our section. Then we felt the entire audience sort of turning around towards our area and realized that Josh Groban was walking down the stairs right next to us!!!!! So, we of course started freaking out and I grabbed my camera. I got a few shots that I'll post, but they're not the greatest. As he got closer we started leaning towards the aisle hoping we could touch his hand. It was actually pure luck that we were able to get close enough because there had been a couple next to us that had just left and they were way to big for us to have been able to squeeze past. There were also two older women who were actually right on the aisle and I just kept thinking, "Lady, I don't care if I have to sprawl across your lap - I WILL touch Josh Groban's hand!" Luckily, though, it didn't come to that! We were still able to reach him without trying to squeeze past them. It was nice because most of the people around us were older and not interested in standing to try to touch him, so we didn't have much competition - NOT that it would have made a difference - I would have touched him no matter who had gotten in my way! Anyway, when he got up to us, he grabbed Kara's hand and THEN, right at a long, high note, he grabbed my hand and held it the whole length of the note as he looked right at me! Yes! You read that correctly! HE SQUEEZED MY HAND AND LOOKED AT ME AS HE SANG THE MOST BEAUTIFUL NOTE IN THE WORLD! OH - MY - GOSH!!!!! It was unbelievable - quite literally! There was an older gentleman behind us that leaned forward and said to me, "He gave you THE LOOK!" to which I shrieked, "I KNOW!!!!!" and then added, "Just don't tell my husband!" ;) Kara and I were FREAKING OUT the rest of the night! We were as giddy as school girls! It was SOOOO fun!!!! And, since I do have the best and sweetest husband in the entire world he wasn't even jealous when I told him Josh Groban and I had a "moment." He's just used it as more fodder to make fun of me. This morning when I came downstairs and said good morning to him, he grabbed my hand, looked at me with puppy dog eyes and sang "YOU RAISE ME UP!!!!" (He got the words wrong - He said "You lift me up" and he sang a totally made-up tune, and of course that wasn't even the song Josh sang during our "moment" - but none of that bothered Grant, of course. He just thought he was hilarious!)

Here's the pics. First one is of Kara and me. The next two are of Josh higher up in the aisle and the third one is right after he held our hands, but as you can see, a lady got right in front of the shot. The last one is of our hands - the hands that Joshua Winslow Groban touched. :)