Friday, March 4, 2011

Look Who's Four!

Ava turned four back in November. She wanted a Teen Titans/Robin/Superhero party (Teen Titans is a t.v. show that has Robin in it). I made the mistake of inviting about 20 four yr olds. I was thinking that we'd had 20 eight yr olds for Claire's party and it was fine, but I soon realized that 20 four yr olds are a lot different than 20 eight yr olds. Grant and I were totally exhausted about an hr into the party and we still had a hr to go!

Here's all the superheroes:

Grant dressed up as Slade (from the Teen Titans show) and dropped "bombs" (i.e. black balloons) that all the kids had to stop from exploding (i.e. pop).

Then he dropped "cryptonite" around the yard that the kids had to pick up and put in the neutralizer (i.e. cooler).

To stop Slade for good, the kids blew poisonous bubbles at him.

Then he was put in jail for good.

There was cake to celebrate the successful capture of Slade.

And presents.

This was Ava's decoration for the party. :)

Grandma and Grandpa's present arrived later that day and trumped any presents that Mom and Dad got.

Wait, I thought these presents were for Ava???