Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Dancing with the Stars!

Claire's dance recital was at the beginning of December. We had to drive during a blizzard to get there, but we all made it safely. Claire has become quite a good dancer. You can tell she tries very hard to do exactly the right steps and she is really graceful and good at feeling the beat. Claire's teacher teaches them ballet, tap and hip hop. My favorite is always hip hop. Claire had the best hip hop face out of all the girls - I'm probably just a little biased, but you can judge for yourself in the following collages (my friend Amy took some of these pictures).

Cole kept telling us that the recital was boring, but I caught him during a moment where he at least feigned interest (yes, he's wearing a real Packers jersey we ended up getting him - see "Packer-mania!" post):

Ava even sat still for a little bit.

Here's one of my favorite shots that Amy took of Claire in the dressing room:

At the end of the recital, all the girls had a rose and ran over to give them to the teacher, so she had her arms overflowing with flowers. It was very cute.

It was definitely worth driving through a blizzard for!

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Willeys in Wisconsin said...

I love the dance pictures! So fun! I love being her teacher too!
You really got some great pictures of her. I agree she has some great facials in hip-hop!