Friday, November 21, 2008

Freak of Nature

No, not Edward Cullen. Me, because I'm obsessed and going to see Twilight again tonight with my husband (not, it hasn't even been 24 hours since I just saw it). I love Grant for feeding my addiction.

I ended up seeing the movie three times in one week.  I liked it more each time I saw it.  The first time I was comparing it to the book.  The other two times I could just enjoy it for what it was on it's own.  

I haven't seen it again as a very deliberate and conscious decision because I was becoming too obsessed (again) and spending all day on the internet looking up anything to do with Twilight, Rob Pattinson, Kristin Stewart or Stephenie Meyers and neglecting the three humans who depend on me for survival.  So I had to quit.  It was basically the same as going cold turkey for an alcoholic.  I can't just have one drink every week or so if I want to be sane!  So, for now I'm completely sober.  We'll see if I stay that way...

Much Better

Ok, so I realized if I want my colors and such to be as beautiful on my blog as they are on my computer, then I have to upload them to photobucket and then copy them to my blog. Look at the difference between the colors on this picture below and the one of Charlotte from two posts ago (I know they're a slightly different picture, but the color and lighting is the exact same in both pictures on my computer screen). SOOOOOO much better.



I already want to see it again.

It wasn't perfect, but it was definitely good enough!  I loved Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart was great - there couldn't be a better Bella.  

Some friends and I braved the hysterical teenagers and went to the midnight premiere.  Besides enduring the giggles throughout the ENTIRE MOVIE from some girls in front of us (please tell me I wasn't like that as a teenager!!!), it was a fabulous experience and so worth the painful sleep-deprived feeling I feel now.  We went to Olive Garden for dinner before hand.  We didn't dress up or anything, but I wore a red choker thing that was vampire-esque and one girl wore red contacts.  We had other friends that wore shirts they had made that said "My Edward's name is [husband's name]."  They were cute.  We had so much fun and I'll go again TODAY with anyone who wants to see it!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Cute, The Adorable, and The Insane

These first pics are of my brother-in-law, Kurt, for his senior pictures.  My pictures always look so much better on my computer than when I upload them on my blog.  They lose all color and pop on my blog.  To my photography friends, what can I do to keep their spark alive on the internet?  Anyway, I love the first two overall, but I love the last one because it's such a typical "Kurt" face.  He's a cutie.

Lastly, this was the insane family picture we took.  We were at a place that we weren't supposed to be, so everyone was worried that we were going to get kicked out and we were trying to go super fast.  I was very stressed out setting it up.  Anyway, I ended up having to switch two people and "drawing" their bodies in photoshop.  Can anyone tell who they are?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Halloween Happenings

Here's pics from this years Halloween.  The first pictures are from a Halloween party we went to at one of Claire's friend's house.  Then there's some from making carmel apples (with Reeses Pieces - yum!).  Then there's some from Halloween night.  Claire was a witch, Cole was Iron Man and Ava was, well a mix.  My plan was for her to be a fairy, which she was for the party.  But, then the next day she found the doggie costume from when Claire was little and she LOOOOVED it.  She refused to take it off for days.  She even wore it once when we went to have lunch with Claire at her school.  So, I gave in and let her be the dog (or "Bo Bo" as she calls it, we don't know why) for Halloween.  I had to remind myself that Halloween's supposed to be about what the kids want to be, not what mom wants them to be! 

Cole was trying to cheat, little stinker:

Candy comas:

This is my all time favorite picture from the night.  Our friend, Raschell took it when the kids trick-or-treated at their house.  She said he asked her to take a picture of him and then this is how he posed.  What a goober!

School Days

Here's pictures from the first day of school.  We moved to Phoenix a week before school started, but the kids adjusted well.  We still weren't in our house at the time, which was kind of a pain cuz we had to drive about 20 minutes in rush hour to get to school.  But, it was only for a week so it was doable. 

Claire started first grade and Cole started Pre-K (half-days in the afternoon) at the elementary school.  Claire's first day was a little rough.  She was so hot and hungry.  They don't have snacks in first grade, like she was used to in Kindergarten.  And, of course, she wasn't used to the Arizona heat, either.  She's such a little perfectionist that she was trying to work so hard all day long that she was worn out by the end, poor thing.  Cole had a great time, though.  His comment when I picked him up was "I had no idea it was going to be so much fun!"  

Friday, November 14, 2008

This is the Place

Ok, so I've decided the best way to approach my blogging right now is to randomly play catch-up with things that happened this summer.  So, I might do a post about something recent and then a post about something that happened this summer.  Just to warn you.

These are some pictures from our trip to Utah this past summer when we went to This is the Place.  I'd never been there before.  We actually didn't see a whole lot of it because of sweaty and whiny kids (and husbands).  But, I had fun taking pictures.

A cousin, Charlotte:
The whiny husbands:

A cousin, Evja:

A cousin, Jane:

A cousin, Alice: 

More Charlotte:

More Alice:

Kerstin and Charlotte: