Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Temples...

Here's a few St. George Temple options:

St. George 1

St. George 2

St. George 3

and Bountiful Temple:

Bountiful 1

Bountiful 2

Bountiful 3

Bountiful 4

One more Salt Lake Temple:

Salt Lake 2

And lastly, a Logan Temple shot. If you want this one, however, please be aware that this was taken with a different camera than I currently use now and is not as great of quality. Please look closely at it before you order to make sure you will like it.

Logan 1

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Name Art & Temple Art

It's that time of year again - time to figure out what in the world to get the people you love for Christmas. Here's a couple of ideas.

Vintage-looking photographs of LDS temples. You can order any of the temples listed below along with Bountiful or St. George (not currently shown but will be posted later).

Salt Lake 1

Nauvoo 1

San Diego 1

Mesa 1

**I can also add your name and wedding date if you'd like, as shown in the mesa temple photo above.

Photo will be framed. You can choose ornate, such as pictured below, or modern, which would be fairly simple and straight-lined.

PRICES (Includes black ornate or modern frame)
Styrene Board
5x7 - $45
8x10 - $55
11x14 - $75
16x20 - $100

8x10 - $75
11x14 - $100
16x20 - $125

To order, email me at and list which temple, size, styrene or canvas, and ornate or modern frame.

Spell your name with letters found in architecture. A few examples are below. To view all letter options, go to, click on "enter site," then on "proofing" up top on the right, then on "May 2009 Events:Letters." There are many different letters to choose from (Please note that a few of the letters are out of order).





PRICES (Includes black thin frame)
2-4 letters - $65
5-6 letters - $70
7 and higher letters - $75

To order email me at with your name and letter options.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bear of a Post

This summer Grant's family had their family reunion at Bear Lake in Utah. I'd never been there before and I was amazed at how blue the water was. It was gorgeous! We rented a boat, played on the beach, hung out at the cabin, played games, and made lots of food.

(I didn't bring my nice camera to the lake, so most of these pictures are courtesy of my sis-in-law, Melissa)

This will be the reunion that we all will remember as the one when Cole and his ONLY boy cousin, Lincoln, finally became friends! They weren't too fond of each other in previous years and even had an incident involving fists a couple reunions back, but this year you would never have guessed it. They were best buds and couldn't get enough of each other. It made Kimberly (Lincoln's mom) and me SOOOOOO happy. We knew that the only two boys couldn't have been born in the same year for nothing!

Claire and her favorite cousins ever, Jane and Alice.

Chillin' on the beach. Love that Far Far has his socks on.

All kids need to keep them entertained for hours is a hole with water in it.

Wedgies are a lot cuter on kids.

Some fun in the sun playing soccer.

I can't get enough of that little face!

Far Far and Far Mor taking a stroll along the beach.

We hiked back to a lake one day. Grant was all too proud to wear the incredibly-complicated-but-amazingly-comfortable baby sling.

Far Far taking in the scenery.

A line of cousins hiking.

We also had to go to "Le Beaus" for raspberry shakes. Yummmm!

Little Maggie couldn't get enough!

Ava being the little monkey that she truly is.

One day all of the adults went out on the porch and saw that the kids had made a "hospital." It was beyond cute. This was the receptionist's desk in the waiting room.

Here's a magazine for those who are waiting to peruse, right next to the decorative flowers.

The doctors in action.

The hospital beds.

Friendly fusball match.

Whaddya think, does he need to wash his feet?

Sweet Baby Kate spent most of the reunion in her Bumbo, content as could be.

Love snuggling this baby.

Aunt Kerstin had fun activities for the kids. Here they're making watermelon popsicles.

The three musketeers

Kate, still in her Bumbo.

The whole gang, minus Kurt who's on a mission, and with the addition of Ryan's now-wife, Jenni.

The kids and I stayed in Utah after the reunion because Ryan's wedding was a week and a half later. The kids loved having more cousin time. These pictures are all from the children's garden at Thanksgiving Point. You can tell how hot it was by how red everyone's faces are!

Claire did not want Cole to be in this picture.

Two little buddies

All the cousins.

We let the kids cool off in the fountains.

They didn't realize that if one kid moved, they all moved!

I took some pictures of the Bountiful temple and had to have one with the kids in front.

It was actually closed, but Cole could squeeze in between the bars. Uh-oh!

We also got to see my brother while we were in Utah and met his dog, Devi. Cole wanted nothing to do with her, but Claire and Ava loved playing fetch with her.

Unfortunately, playing fetch meant getting a lot of wet kisses, too!

Not that Ava minded.

We called this the "Devi-do"

Claire's turn!

Maybe we can get Devi to recreate this look for Claire in ten years when she goes to Prom!