Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A-Haunting We Will Go

The kids were so excited for Halloween night to finally be here! Poor Claire was sick (second time this month - we've had some serious issues lately) so she wasn't her usual happy self, but still managed to enjoy the night. Cole had yet another costume. He had very originally wanted to be a skeleton, but when we couldn't find a skeleton costume he decided to be Harry Potter, then Ron, then the pumpkin that he was for the party (see earlier post). I happened to find one later on so for the official Halloween night he was a skeleton.

Ava wouldn't get out of the stroller that Daddy was going to push her in for trick-or-treating, so these were the only shots I could get of her.

Being Scooby-Doo, tongue and all.

The kids by their jack-o-lanterns, making spooky faces.  Ava's absent because I couldn't get her out of her stroller.  I even tried carrying the stroller with her in it over by the pumpkins, but she got out and pushed the stroller back onto the sidewalk while yelling at me.  Oh well, guess there's next year. 

Yay!  Ava's out of her stroller!  All three kids in a Halloween picture!

I stayed home to pass out candy and Grant took the kids trick-or-treating.  Grant said that almost everyone who gave candy to Ava thought she was a boy.  She got a lot of, "Here you go little buddy!" Surprise, surprise!

Finally on their way...

Our pumpkin lights.

After the kids went around our neighborhood, we drove to (yet another) party someone was throwing in our ward.  On our way, we stopped at this AMAZING house that had built a pirate ship on their lawn.  Yes, you read me right, a pirate ship.  As you can see from the picture, it's almost the size of a real ship.  It was the most incredible thing I have ever seen.  The pictures definitely do NOT do it justice.

Some pictures without the flash so you can get a feel for what it felt like at night.

These are some shots I took of it while it was being built.

I'd hate to be this guy's neighbor!  No way to keep up with the Jones's here!

Ever since Halloween Ava has not gone anywhere without her bucket of candy.  This has made it quite difficult to stop her from eating candy all the time, but she's so dang cute that I can't bring myself to tear it away from her.

The other two needed pictures with their candy bags, too.

Ava coloring (Scooby Doo, of course) with her bucket right beside her.

We'll miss you 'til next year, Halloween!!!!!


Jilly Bean said...

I love your kids!

That ship was incredible!

RSP said...

That pirate ship is awesome! We had one where the people turned their house into a pirate ship, so I will have to post those. Oh, and I think I spotted an old bobo on that pirate ship. haha. Your kids crack me up!

Kristine said...

Your kids look great. I'm glad you got a good picture of the pirate ship.

Geoff, Amanda and Katherine said...

I have to laugh because the Fordhams ARE the pirate ship's next neighbor!! LOVE your pictures. You have such a good eye!

Amy and the boys said...

Love these shots! I cannot BELIEVE that pirate ship. INCREDIBLE. Alot of work. Thanks for sharing the pics!

Kristen said...

I have never heard of a child wanting to stay in the stroller so badly, usually they want to get out! I like the visual of you carrying her over in the stroller and her taking it back to the driveway all mad at you:) Cool ship.

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

Those pics were sooo cute! I can tell your kids all came out of the same "mold"!