Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall Festivals

Cole and Claire had their Fall Festivals at school (they can't be called Halloween parties anymore, of course, just like Christmas is now a bad word) and Ava and I were lucky enough to attend.

The kindergarten festival was pretty impressive.  There were tons of booths set up for the kids to make ghost suckers at, get their faces painted, toss bean bags, bowl pumpkins, etc.  

Cole with his friend, Savannah.

Cole's trying to make a "Frankenstein face."

Ava and I then went to Claire's festival, which was just in her classroom.  This is the only picture I took because my lens wasn't focusing.  I was freaking out about it (I had two shoots the next day and a wedding in Denver with Shannon a week later) and called Nikon when we got home.  As I was on the phone with them, I looked down at my camera and realized that the lens had been switched to manual focus instead of automatic.  Ava must've messed with it when we were in Claire's classroom, little stinker.  Glad that was all it was, though.  Whew!!!!!  Too bad, though, it meant Claire didn't get any good shots at her little party.

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