Friday, May 30, 2008

Zoo Walk

Claire's school had their EFW Walk/Run at the zoo a few weekends ago. Despite her athletic attire, Claire doesn't like to run and chose to walk, which was fine with me, of course. (I was telling my friend Shannon once that Claire doesn't like to hang out with a certain group of girls during recess because she says they run too much, to which Shannon replied, "Sounds like her mother!") So, we walked through the zoo, which was confusing to Cole. He kept asking us why we couldn't stop to see the animals. Claire had a sucker and was utterly devastated when she dropped it and it broke. In fact, that's about all we heard about for the rest of the walk. When we finished the walk, we rode the carousel to the absolute delight of the kids. They always ask to ride it and we never do, this was the first time. It definitely is a rip off, though. I think you pay around $2 per kid and I swear the ride only lasted like 2 minutes. Anyway, then we saw a few animals and went home. Ava LOVED the fish and I had a hard time getting her back in the stroller when we were done seeing them.

Grant kept making fun of me because we were at a "run" and I was wearing what he called heels. I wasn't planning on running, so why did I need running shoes on? Actually, the only real athletic shoes I have are from my senior year in high school. I've always hated wearing athletic shoes unless I'm working out and when do I do that? :)


Amy & the boys said...

I really like the shot of Ava on the carousel. Soo cute!

Nicki said...

Jake is always giving me grief about being unprepared with my shoes...I'm always more worried about being cute than practical...I love your've got to prioritize!

Shannon said...

I love you - you make me laugh. But, it's sooooo true :) Got to love that she is just like you. Shocked she wasn't in heels too!

love - me

mindy said...

Fun pics, but what is UP with that picture on Ava's horse? That is one frightening looking painting! Are they trying to give the kids nightmares?