Wednesday, June 4, 2008

How to Be

I've just realized, from a few different experiences, that I don't think of myself as a teacher to my children. I mean, generally, of course, I know I teach my children things, but when I think of my role and relationship with them I don't think of a teacher. I think of being someone who loves them and helps them, but not necessarily teaches them.  This strikes me as odd.  Isn't that an obvious role I should see myself in as a mother?  Especially when my mother was as much a teacher as she was a breather.  Shouldn't that be my obvious natural response when I find myself a mother, to be a teacher?  I guess not.  But, I definitely feel (and seem to have been prompted) that I need to be and view myself as more of a teacher for my children.  I don't necessarily think that means I need to teach them their ABCs and such, although that's part of it, but I need to teach them how to be, be a good person, be a kind person, be a smart person, be a righteous person.  Food for thought...

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