Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Granty

(Grant's home-taught a family in our ward for over three years and their girl-Elena Coons-calls Grant "my Granty." I think it's absolutely adorable and since my kids can't really call him that I have adopted it as my pet name for him.)

Grant's 30th birthday was May 2nd. We had a birthday bash at our house with some Kohl's friends. Grant's big present was a gas grill, so we had a grilling party. The only problem was it was cold and raining that day (of course). I'd been praying that it wouldn't rain, despite what the forecast predicted, mostly because I'd bought some great decorations for outside. The weather forecasters never know what they're talking about, right? Wrong. I finally gave up on my vision of balloons and chinese lanterns hanging from the tree in our backyard and begrudgingly hung them up instead throughout the house. It didn't look NEARLY as good as it would've outside. Oh, well. We still used the grill, but everyone gathered and ate inside. And it was really fun, even if it didn't look as good.

Now for all the things I love about Grant.

I love how kind and thoughtful and considerate of everyone Grant is. I've never known of a single person who did not like Grant. He's so easy and fun to be around and he makes people feel at ease. I love his honesty and that he is a hard worker. I love that he cannot be mean to anyone. I don't know that I've ever heard him say a mean thing about someone, even in our private conversations. I love that he will do almost anything for someone who needs his help. I love how goofy and silly he is and how much he loves to make people laugh. I love how simple he keeps things. I tend to analyze and complicate life way too much, and Grant always brings me back to what matters. I love how amazing he is with kids. And I really mean amazing. Anyone who has ever seen him in a ward nursery with 8-10 kids gathered around him as he makes animal sounds can attest to this. This obviously makes him a fabulous father, which is one of the things I love most about him. He is definitely the "fun parent" and is always coming up with fun games for the kids. He builds forts, wrestles, makes space models, rides bikes, throws balls, plays animals, and does basically anything the kids or he can come up with. I love it when he dances for the kids - the goofier the dance the better. The kids will laugh and laugh and usually end up joining in with him. I love how much Grant loves our children. He will drop almost anything he's doing if one of them wants him to play or read a book or get them a drink. I love how much he worries about them and wants them to be happy. I love that he always asks them about their day and wants to know what they did, saw, read, felt. I am always in awe at how patient he is with them. I will be at my wits end and Grant will be able to remain calm and loving. I very literally cannot imagine a better father for my children. I also love how much Grant loves me. I love when he brings me flowers or tries to cheer me up with his goofy smile or holds me when I'm sad. I love how much he wants me to be happy. I love the times that I've seen tears in his eyes. And, most of all, I love his goodness. That is why I fell in love with him. He is good to the core.

I love you, Grant. Thank you for being such a wonderful person and husband. Happy Birthday!

(By the way, the pictures are not in the order I'd like. For some reason, my computer won't let me change this. So, enjoy this first picture of Grant. What a great face!)


Shannon said...

Happy Belated bday Grant - nice grill :) Sure miss you guys and wish we could have been there to help celebrate!!

Miss you - Love,

Jodee Luke said...

Sorry we missed it! You are such a sweet wife...and excellent photographer I might add!

Kerstin said...

space models? what in the world? grant you are truly weird. okay i do think you are kind of cool.

wendys said...

Happy late birthday, Grant! How come you haven't aged?