Sunday, December 30, 2007


So, my wonderful friend Amy figured out how to fix my header! Yay! She's a genius! She showed me how to fix the html code, so if anybody else ever has problems let me know and I can help you. So, as promised, this post is about Amy and the things I think make her so awesome. Here's my list:

1. She is a GREAT visiting teaching companion. She always remembers to schedule the appointments on time and she always remembers to bring cute treats and stuff. More than that, though, she really thinks about those whom we teach. She calls one lady just to make sure she's ok or to see if she needs her walk shoveled after it snows or to see how her holiday was. She's a great inspiration to me about what it means to be a good visiting teacher.

2. She was a great nursery leader for our ward. She really organized things well and thought up such cute things for the kids (which included Cole) and really tried to teach them.

3. She is a great photographer and I have such a fun time talking about photography with her.

4. She is a Josh Groban fan and sold me the tickets to the concert where he held my hand!

5. She has good taste.

6. She's very reliable.

7. She almost graduated in Math just like me! I don't have many friends (actually she's probably the only one) who like Math like I do.

8. She is from the south.

9. She likes to scrapbook, make cards, etc.


Kerstin, my sister-in-law, and Shannon also helped me when I called them out of desperation and asked them questions about their headers. So, they won't get a whole post dedicated to them, but I still thought I'd list a few things about why they're awesome.
1. Is the only one in Grant's family who likes fashion, decorating, and just buying cute things in general as much as me.
2. Is always fun to talk to.
3. Has great taste.
1. Is an awesome friend to me.
2. Is the one that made me believe I could be a photographer - without her I would never be doing what I do now.
3. Loves to be silly with me!
Thanks to all of you guys! You're the best!


Kerstin said...

I was crossing my fingers for your sake and Grant's that when I opened your blog today your header would be fixed. Looks great! And thanks for the shout out.

Rob & Amy said...

Wow- I am so embarrassed Cass! There's even a picture of me. I don't even know what to say... It wasn't necessary. But thanks~ glad all my time at the computer can benefit others. That math paid off after all- my business degree is getting me nowhere. hahaha

Shannon said...

Well - at least a got a blurb about me! Can't complain about that...not a full spread - but a girl has to have something to look forward to right? Happy New Year sister - love you!