Monday, October 15, 2007

Wake me up when September ends...

(Any Green Day fans out there?)

So, this is my catch-up post. Since September was so insane for me I'm just going to sum up the highlights in one whirlwind post. I really am trying to catch up people! By the end of the year, you'll all vote me as the world's BEST blogger, as opposed to the worst! :)

So, on Sept 6 my Grandpa Jones passed away. My family was great enough to fly me (and Ava since she was free!) out to his funeral. It was such a wonderful funeral - so inspiring and touching. He was such a wonderful man and so committed to the gospel. It really made me want to be a better person. And, of course, since it was my mom's family, there was lots of beautiful music. In fact, at the internement, the funeral director said he'd never heard a family sing a hymn so beautifully! Here's Ava with my grandma's sister, Aunt Maxine, at the internment.

Here's my grandma and all of the siblings at the internment (my mom's the second from the left), each holding a rose from my grandpa's casket.

Next, is a picture of Cole in a Nacho-Libre-inspired Spiderman costume.

And, here's an action shot...

Next, I got a chance to go to Oprah again. Bonnie (on the left) called me the night before and I managed to get babysitters for everyone and took a trip down to Chicago with Kara for the day. It was great!

September also was the month for Grant's first 5K. He came in 3rd place! I was so proud of him!

Lastly, Claire started her first day of all-day kindergarten (which I already posted) and Cole started two different pre-schools! One is twice a week at a lady's home and one is kind of a "rotating" preschool. There's six of us who rotate teaching and having it at our home. So, here's Cole on the first day of the "rotating" preschool:

And here's Cole on the first day of his other preschool:

What a cutie!


Rob & Amy said...

Ok that Nacho Libre costume was hilarious. Where can I get a spiderman helmet like that for Brandon? He digs Spidey!

Shannon said...

I love the pictures...especially the ones of Cole posing. Love Nacho :) Keep the posts coming. Sorry about your Grandpa. I didn't know.