Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Lake Lounging with the Lundgrens

The week at my parents' cabin with the Lundgren family started out with a high-powered water gun assault. Here's what the fierce battle looked like from the cabin:

The warfare clearly wreaked havoc on Cole's emotional state:

Claire and Uncle Kurt:

Grant, of course, joined in:

Retreat, Cole, retreat!!!!

After the battle cries ceased, it was time for some jet ski fun! And, yes, unfortunately that is the man I chose of my own free will to marry, the one parading around all-too-gleefully in the neon-yellow wetsuit:

The only time Grant is excited to have his picture taken is when he knows he looks like a total dork. Of course, it's all the more fun if there's another guy who looks like a dork, too (Wade). And, nice chest hair Grant:

But, at least he wasn't hard to spot on the lake!

The cousins all loved playing on the boat when it was docked. Sometimes, they'd put the cover on it so it was like playing inside a tent. I think the sun was a little too bright for this shot:

Here's my sweet baby, Ava LuLu:

A cute shot of Charlotte, Kerstin and Wade's baby who was born exactly a month after Ava:

Here's Far Mor ("Grandma" in Swedish) and baby Evja (pronounced "Eh-vee-yah"), who was born a little over two months after Ava. I'm so excited for these three girl cousins to grow up together!

Cole in his wetsuit, hammin' it up for the camera:

The three older girl cousins, Claire, Alice, and Jane:

Cole thought Uncle Kurt was the coolest guy since He-man (the kids' favorite show since I found it at Wal-mart). He followed him around everywhere he went - Kurt was such a great sport about it!

My family came out for a few days to join in on the fun. Here's Mads entertaining Ava:

Here's a shot of the three Dickson girls (me, my mom, and my sister Madeline):

And here's a FABULOUS shot of the GORGEOUS Dickson sisters:

These are some of my favorite shots of Claire. Her funny poses crack me up and she just looks so dang CUTE in that wetsuit!!!

Cole joined in for some shots, flexing his "He-man" muscles!

Even He-man, though, needs some snuggles from his daddy now and then:

Claire and Grandma Mar:

The following picture of Ben (Grant's brother) demonstrates his unique ability to look like a gremlin:

I love the lighting in this shot of Maddy. It's perfect evening-on-the-lake lighting:

Grant and Ava:

WARNING: Having this much fun can be exhausting:

What a cute shot this is!

We did, however, have some trouble making the life-jackets cooperate for the picture!

Me and my Coley-man:

Far Mor and Ava:

Claire got upset with me about something, but it made for a great picture!

Ah yes, Grant, just the finishing touch for your neon-yellow wetsuit - bright blue goggles!!

Far Far (Swedish for "Grandpa") with Ava (on the right) and Evja:

Slip-n-slide in the wading pool:

All the cousins love Aunt Melissa!

We sure had a great time. Here's a shot of the whole Lundgren clan:


Kerstin said...

Wow what an amazingly beautiful family!

Rob & Amy said...

WOw- what a fun vacation. Looks like your family had a blast! Great pics and you really look like your mom. So cute! I bet that took a while to get all these pics edited and uploaded. :) Thanks for the update.

The Wooten's said...

Love the pictures... I just sat and smiled :)! Fun to see your vacation, pictures have such a great way of telling stories!!