Monday, October 29, 2007

All the Leaves Are Brown...

We took family pictures a few weeks ago, which we usually do in the fall since it's my favorite time of year and, of course, since Christmas cards are coming up. Kara took them for us. We went with her family to a nearby pumpkin patch and after the pics we went and picked pumpkins and apples with them. It was, of course, very fun, as is almost any fall tradition in my opinion! I'm not going to post our main family picture, since it will be on our Christmas card this year and how BORING would that be for everyone to have already seen it (although, it won't be much of a surprise after you see these - it looks pretty similar!) but I will post some other fun ones we took. Here's some of Grant and me:

Kara told us to kiss, and of course, Grant tried to oh-so-romantically suck my face off. This is the picture where I'm saying EWWW, GROSS!

Here's some of the kids and me:

My handsome little man:

And here's all three of my sweeties:

Here's Hallie (the Pothiers' daughter) and Cole, who usually fight like cats and dogs, actually sharing a cute moment together.

After our little photo session, we drove maybe 100 yards to the pumpkin patch. Since it was so close, we didn't buckle any of the kids. So, of course, Ava stood up and turned around while we were driving. She thought she was so hilarious! She kept laughing at herself and how funny she was standing up in her car seat! It was adorable.

When we got to the pumpkin field we all were walking around looking for a good pumpkin when suddenly, we heard an amazing whooshing (yes, that's the technical term) sound and saw hundreds of birds rise from the field and take off into the sky. We hadn't even seen them there. It was the coolest sight - the picture doesn't do it justice.

Grant, helped the kids find just the right pumpkin:

Claire and Cole each got to pick one:

Ava was bundled and snuggled during the whole adventure, thanks to Dad:

There was a spooky tree nearby that I just had to take some pictures of. Doesn't it look like the perfect Halloween tree?

Then, we went apple picking. While the kids and Grant struggled with the ladders, I stole Ava to take some fall shots:

All in all it was a great time. Afterwards we stopped in the little store there and the kids played with some fruit long enough for me to get a picture:

Kara and me:

When we got home, the kids decorated their pumpkins:

Then, we made carmel apples with the apples we picked. It made us miss Kerstin and Wade!

Yes, they were a little messy:

Fall is such a fun time!!!!!


Kerstin said...

boohoo- I want a caramel apple with the Lundgrens

Rob & Amy said...

VERY cute pictures. And Kara did a great job. I love the red barn behind you!

Shannon said...

I was just mentioning us needing to do carmel apples. It's time! I miss you friend and your pictures are beautiful! I wish I could have been there with you!!


The Wooten's said...

LOVE the pictures and love how much fun you guys had. I smiled the whole way through that post :)! You all look amazing, what a treasure!

Love ya,

Kristen Joy said...

ahhhh, the family photo session. i have only dreamed mine up, haven't done it yet. i love the one of you laughing with your kids and looking at your the baby in the apples...LOVE the red wall and your jewels are a nice touch:) can't wait to get your card! never done caramel apples before, but we did go to a pumpkin patch...need to blog about that....

Colby, Mandy, & Tate said...

The pictures turned out so cute! You have such a cute family!!!! I thought I would give you our blog because I don't think I have yet. It is
Talk to ya later.

terica said...

Love the pics. You guys are so cute. We met a guy the other day that reminded us of Grant, but we both admitted that this guy wasn't nearly as hysterically funny as Grant.