Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Just letting anyone who's interested know that I am selling "Name Arts" like the one I did for our family (see example below). I have a few different options for every "letter" in the alphabet, so if you want one for your family just let me know and you can browse my selection and pick the letters you want to make your family name. The price (which includes the frame) is $75.

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Chad and Kristine said...

Oh yeah! I have been trying to get a few letters. Was hunting through Disneyland while we have been there. But just might take you up on the offer. I'll talk with Chad or maybe you should and he can give it to me for Mothers Day. Theres an idea for you. All the women who commented that they liked it talk with their hubby's then it is an easy gift for them that they know he will love. I did that with pearls last year.I'll let you know.