Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just Like Old Times...


Shannon and her family came to visit for a week during March. Shannon is my friend who I started a photography business with and who I spent almost everyday with for about two years. We lived a few blocks away from each other, our husbands both worked at Kohls, we were in the same ward, our kids were the exact same ages (literally - Cole and Brea were born on the same day) and were in preschool, dance, nursery, etc. together. Our kids were almost like siblings at that point. So, it was a very sad day when they moved to Denver. We haven't been able to get both of our families together since then until this trip and it was SO much fun. Just like old times. Our kids still got along great and it made my heart happy.

Here the kids made "restaurant treats for sale" (i.e. a mess) by filling up a container with torn-up pieces of licorice, all the fruit snacks in the house (yes, they opened every single package we had and emptied them), goldfish, pretzels, etc. Wouldn't be like old times if they didn't get into things!

And this is the true definition of old times - the kids eating out of a box of cereal and watching t.v. while Shannon and I work on pictures on the computer.

I have about 500 million more pictures to post from this fun week so stay tuned!


Shannon said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT - I miss it already. I may be back before you are ready for us :)

Amy and the boys said...

I'm so glad you got together. I know you just love her!