Friday, November 14, 2008

This is the Place

Ok, so I've decided the best way to approach my blogging right now is to randomly play catch-up with things that happened this summer.  So, I might do a post about something recent and then a post about something that happened this summer.  Just to warn you.

These are some pictures from our trip to Utah this past summer when we went to This is the Place.  I'd never been there before.  We actually didn't see a whole lot of it because of sweaty and whiny kids (and husbands).  But, I had fun taking pictures.

A cousin, Charlotte:
The whiny husbands:

A cousin, Evja:

A cousin, Jane:

A cousin, Alice: 

More Charlotte:

More Alice:

Kerstin and Charlotte:


Jilly Bean said...
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Jilly Bean said...

I dunno, Cass. I heard on a recent trip to the zoo that it's the wife in your family who gets sick of the heat in outdoor activities... ;)

Jilly Bean said...

I love the pic of Ava's little face peeking out the wooden window.

Shannon said...

So fun! YEah for new additions (kids and pictures :)) Miss you - I had a blast talking to you this morning!!


Kerstin said...

Cassidy I love these pics! Thanks for posting the ones of Charlotte. What cute kids we have. And yes thank you for writing about the whiny husbands- they were so whiny that day. Maybe public humiliation will help them not be so whiny next time.

Kristen Duke Photography said...

whiny husbands...I just can't imagine. That looks like grant's twin brother, but he had glasses on, so I'll guess its just his brother.