Saturday, November 15, 2008

School Days

Here's pictures from the first day of school.  We moved to Phoenix a week before school started, but the kids adjusted well.  We still weren't in our house at the time, which was kind of a pain cuz we had to drive about 20 minutes in rush hour to get to school.  But, it was only for a week so it was doable. 

Claire started first grade and Cole started Pre-K (half-days in the afternoon) at the elementary school.  Claire's first day was a little rough.  She was so hot and hungry.  They don't have snacks in first grade, like she was used to in Kindergarten.  And, of course, she wasn't used to the Arizona heat, either.  She's such a little perfectionist that she was trying to work so hard all day long that she was worn out by the end, poor thing.  Cole had a great time, though.  His comment when I picked him up was "I had no idea it was going to be so much fun!"  

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Kristen Duke Photography said...

I adore Claire's outfit! At our school, they have a snack time throughout all the grades, but we have to send it each day. I was surprised it lasted through kinder.