Saturday, November 15, 2008

Halloween Happenings

Here's pics from this years Halloween.  The first pictures are from a Halloween party we went to at one of Claire's friend's house.  Then there's some from making carmel apples (with Reeses Pieces - yum!).  Then there's some from Halloween night.  Claire was a witch, Cole was Iron Man and Ava was, well a mix.  My plan was for her to be a fairy, which she was for the party.  But, then the next day she found the doggie costume from when Claire was little and she LOOOOVED it.  She refused to take it off for days.  She even wore it once when we went to have lunch with Claire at her school.  So, I gave in and let her be the dog (or "Bo Bo" as she calls it, we don't know why) for Halloween.  I had to remind myself that Halloween's supposed to be about what the kids want to be, not what mom wants them to be! 

Cole was trying to cheat, little stinker:

Candy comas:

This is my all time favorite picture from the night.  Our friend, Raschell took it when the kids trick-or-treated at their house.  She said he asked her to take a picture of him and then this is how he posed.  What a goober!


Kristen Duke Photography said...

carmel apples with reese's pieces sounds halloween happenings!

Amy and the boys said...

I can tell that Cole is not smiling in that first picture- even under his make he is being tough! ha.

These are really cute. Ava is looking older. And, I can tell you are totally WORKIN that sb-400! Am I right?! Shots look great.