Saturday, February 2, 2008

President Gordon B. Hinckley

The leader of my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (or Mormons), passed away last Sunday. I would like to pay whatever small tribute I can to this great man. He has been a strong influence in my life and on my testimony. President Hinckley has been the prophet as long as I have been truly active in the church. For some of those years he wasn't the actual prophet, but the prophets that he was under were so ill that he was the only leader I really saw. I loved his sense of humor, as did everyone. He always seemed to brighten the somewhat serious mood of General Conference and anything else I ever saw him speak at. I think that's part of what made me love him so. I often take life and the gospel, in particular, way too seriously. President Hinckley would change my perspective, lighten my load, make me feel loved and accepted by him and by God. Nothing could have been more helpful or meaningful to me. He helped me to feel and believe in God's love for me, something with which I have always struggled. As I've been watching his funeral and memorial on t.v., I've been filled with deep love and gratitude for this man who gave so much to me and to all members of this church. His life makes me want to be a better person, more loving, more humble, more focused on what matters, more committed to the gospel. I love the description of him used today, "He wore out his life in service to the church." I hope I can become more of what his life exemplified.


Shannon said...

i had so much fun talking to you today. i would give anything to get you out here. I'll continue to keep my fingers crossed. I have no shame. you know that don't you? I miss you terribly friend. more than you can possibly imagine. can't wait to get to see you again - no matter how that ends up happening. We'll make it work! love you sister!

Kristen Joy said...

very nice. thank you for sharing your thoughts, it touched me.

mindy said...

Amen, sister. I had an epiphany over the weekend and thought that I hope Heavenly Father is somewhat like President Hinckley. Honestly, I've never thought about Heavenly Father being quite so jovial, but it seems that if he would pick someone like President Hinckley for his prophet, they might be more alike than we would think. I think we will all treasure our memories of that great man.