Friday, February 15, 2008

A Coat for All Seasons

Ava loves her coat. She cries when anyone takes it off of her and as a result, often walks around with it on all day. This picture is an example of the many mornings when she is still in her pjs but insists on wearing her coat (and often her boots) around the house.

When she's not wearing it, she's usually carrying it.

She often wants everyone else to wear their coats too and cries until we, if not put them on, at least hold them. Grant, of course, thinks it's because she's too cold. Or because she's bored and wants to go outside. I keep telling him that I don't think one-year-olds think this way; I think she just likes it. It's just like a favorite blanket or stuffed animal. It hasn't been a problem so far since it has been nothing but freezing cold here. But, come summer I hope we aren't having to carry around a winter coat everywhere. Maybe she'll be attached to her flip flops by then.

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