Thursday, September 16, 2010

swap til you drop

back in april my friends and i had a swap party. it was my friend raschell's idea, of course. she's full of party ideas. one of her sister's friends threw one in utah and it was featured on the local news. you can check it out as well as get all the details on how to throw one yourself by clicking on these two links.

we had such a blast. and as always, i thought half the fun was decorating for it.

this was the invitation. i loved finding fun new paper and fonts online for it.

the yummies. my friend kate made those moon pies and, wow, they were amazing. just looking at them makes me want more!

we put everybody's clips in here.

the clips

and the decor!

i'd never made one of these signs before and i loved finally having a reason to!

the chandelier was my favorite part. :)

someone gave this to kate (my daughter. it gets confusing when i have a friend kate, too) at my baby shower and it went perfect with our colors! everyone was disappointed, though, that it wasn't one of the items to be swapped!

the swap

here's poor claire being ushered back to bed. she wanted to join the party so badly! grant was such a stud and dealt with the kids so i could host this little shindig. he's an awesome hubby.

it was a blast and i ended up with quite a few fun new things. i highly recommend it!


Jamie said...

You throw the best parties! You should go into party planning (in your spare time ha ha ha)!

Shannon said...

Alright, I'm officially sick of not living nearby and being a part of all your crazy fun! I miss you too much my friend. I love the pics of your kids in Utah. Holy Cow how Kate has grown! Hey, I have news!! Call me!

Jilly Bean said...

The decor was fabulous! You did a great job. Thanks again!

RSP said...

When is our next one?

Amy and the boys said...

that looks like SO much fun. Love all the decor. you always go all out! so cute!