Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Book of Ten

Grant and I celebrated our tenth anniversary in April. I made him a book with pictures of us from the past ten years and ten lists of ten.

Our first date

ten dates we’ve been on

1. byu preference dance and you almost putting the moves on me in the swing
2. seeing toy story 2 in the theater and me wondering if i could really like someone who laughed that hard at woody and buzz
3. the night you proposed and we went to that restaurant at sundance and you dropped salmon in my drink
4. byu vs. utah game where i was so mad i was yelling at the ref
5. eating at a restaurant in provo with claire as a baby and spending the whole time alternating who was outside rocking her
6. mo tab christmas concert with my grandparents while claire screamed for your dad for five hours
7. eating at that beautiful restaurant with the stone staircase overlooking lake michigan on our anniversary
8. dragging you to the art gallery night in downtown milwaukee
9. going to see “wicked” and me crying cuz you didn’t "get" it
10. going to the phoenix film festival with bearded ladies

Our Engagement Picture

ten funny memories

1. you snorting to alert me that you can’t wake up
2. me driving the snowmobile into the ditch cuz i was too afraid to gun it like you told me to
3. walking barefoot in downtown chicago cuz i insisted on wearing fancy shoes that made my feet scream in pain
4. “dodging” your kiss, which you first tried to initiate in my kitchen by playing the muppets christmas cd
5. making you catch my hand in order to hold it
6. you making me close my eyes on the way to my apt so you could pick up the flowers you’d ditched and give them to me
7. the cursed doors you had to put up in our milwaukee house
8. going to see “the cookout”
9. me screaming “i don’t wanna die!” on the ride at six flags
10. maddy asking if anyone felt like they had meatballs in their stomach and then throwing up on you

On our honeymoon in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

At Grant's brother's wedding reception, a week after ours. :)

ten foods that we both like (this is a big deal cuz Grant's and my taste buds are completely opposite)

1. cookies and cream ice cream
2. pizza crust
3. good steak
4. my apples and sugar roasted almonds salad
5. chocolate chip cookies
6. sandwiches with bacon
7. chocolate strawberries
8. cafe rio pork burritos
9. doughnuts
10. brats

ten sweet things you’ve done for me

1. surprising me with a fabulous weekend to chicago
2. cleaning up the car when i threw up in it
3. taking care of everything when i was pregnant and miserable
4. buying me flowers
5. throwing me a thirtieth birthday bash
6. being a part of millions of family pictures
7. never making me take out the trash
8. going to work every day
9. letting me be the leads in two musicals when we still had babies
10. letting me take naps almost every sunday

ten places we’ve vacationed to together

1. fort lauderdale
2. washington d.c.
3. gettysburg
4. park city
5. los angeles
6. dallas
7. chicago
8. door county
9. coeur d’alene
10. disneyland

ten homes we’ve lived in

1. wymount
2. basement apartment
3. wyview
4. merkley’s house in delafield
5. your parents house
6. saddlebrook apartment
7. milwaukee house
8. my parents house
9. jamisons house
10. phoenix house

ten topics we don’t find mutually interesting

1. anything to do with construction
2. celebrity gossip
3. world war two
4. deconstructing high art
5. cat litter
6. the animal kingdom
7. murder mysterys
8. trucks driving on the freeway
9. analyzing classic literature
10. anything to do with construction

ten ways you’ve helped me

1. holding me when i’m sad
2. smiling at me when i’m stressed
3. teaching me how to be more thoughtful
4. making me laugh
5. showing me what selflessness means
6. never judging me or making me feel like a bad person
7. simplifying my often-too-intellectual (i.e. crazy) way of looking at things
8. playing with our kids
9. teaching me when to relax
10. cleaning up throw up

ten things we both like

1. lost
2. our kids
3. byu football games
4. american idol
5. throwing parties
6. the gospel
7. going out to eat
8. my blog
9. snuggling on the couch and watching movies
10. Harry Potter books

ten things i love about you (and maybe a few more...)

1. you are good to the core
2. you can’t lie
3. you would rather be silly than cool
4. your smile
5. your eyes
6. your hair
7. what a giving father you are
8. your constant thoughtfulness
9. you love to throw parties and have people over
10. you want to make sure everyone is happy
11. you do not judge others
12. you never yell
13. your simplicity
14. you don’t get stressed out very often
15. everyone loves you
16. you are kind to a fault
17. you are not worldly
18. you have become a good dresser
19. you don’t get angry
20. you are smart in all the areas i’m not
21. you are righteous
22. you love me unconditionally

I love you, Grant. Thanks for ten wonderful years.


Jodee Luke said...

This is so cute, I bet he loved it! Congrats on 10 years!!!

Kimberly said...

You guys look so young in those first pics. WOW! That is so fun to see you back then. What a great thing that you have a picture from your first date.

Jilly Bean said...

What a great post! I love the pictures of you guys from over the years. So much fun. Grant seems like a super up all that throw-up!

Jamie said...

SO cute! Congratulations on 10 years!!

About Preeti Ann said...

Justin came over to read this post while I was reading it and his only comment was.. wow Grant had a go- tee?! You guys are too cute. Congrats on ten years. XOXO!!

Kara Pothier said...

This is by far my favorite post! Congrats!!

terica said...

You two are simply adorbale! Glad to see your updates!

Aubrey Leong said...

Beyond cuteness! I love all the lists and pictures. Wow, you guys have a lot of pictures of you too. Grant looked exactly like Ryan does.

mindy said...

awwwwww..... You guys are awesome. I had to laugh at the pic of you two from Valentine's Day in our apartment--the roses were MINE!! But you snagged the man, while Mr. Roses is long gone.

Kristen Duke Photography said...

that was fun to read:)

Amy and the boys said...

Oh boy- thanks for including that muppets cd thing. that gave me a really good laugh tonight. much needed. :)