Thursday, March 25, 2010

Give Thanks

We went to Salt Lake again for this past Thanksgiving. I love living closer to family. Grant's fam is so much fun and we love being able to see them more often.

The kids were SOOOOO excited to play in the snow, even though there wasn't very much. Cole even tried sledding with Uncle Kurt and Uncle Ryan.

Charlotte is the only cousin we got to see, but she and Ava had a lot of fun together. This is a picture of all the cousins in footsie pjs.

Making turkey cookies with FarMor and Aunt Kari

You have no idea how hard it was to get this picture. And, as you can tell, it wasn't really worth it.

Grant's dad and uncles getting the feast ready. There was probably 50 people there, which was crazy but also tons of fun!

Claire and Aunt Melissa

Ava loved playing with Uncle Ryan. I don't remember what they were doing here, but it was something cute!

The family picture for the Lundgren Christmas card. The only family missing is Ben's. Wish they lived closer!

And here's all the cousins with the single aunts and uncles. All the kids love these aunts and uncles so much!

No Thanksgiving trip would be complete without some Black Friday shopping, but fortunately there's no picture of me doing that at five in the morning! We had a blast as always and even got to go to breakfast with Uncle Kevin. We love this new tradition of spending Thanksgiving in Utah!


mindy said...

aw, they look like a great family! So much fun!

Owen's Mommy said...

Cute pics in the snow!! Good to run into u today. I was thinking, why don't take another peak at my blog and give me an idea of what things u like. I need to get fabric this week, so let me know colors you like!! Email me

Shannon said...

i love that you are flashing back to November! So funny. Feels like reading my own blog. miss you sister!

RSP said...

Ok that first picture of Ava made me laugh out loud! Mainly because she's so freaking cute and makes the funniest faces, but also because she doesn't look nearly as excited about the snow as you claim. Haha. Love that girl!