Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Fun Has Begun!


We bought this huge, slide blow-up pool thing (as you can tell, we have no idea what to call it) for the backyard.  Since we don't have a pool, we thought it'd be a fun way for the kids to beat the heat.  You can see how much fun they think it is!










Carrie said...

We bought one too. It is the best. However, we have killed the grass and the neighbors yard is always wet!!

Kateastrophe said...

Don't judge me for saying this, but it totally looks like Grant has a very strong pee stream in that first picture. I had to look twice!

Also, can adults play on that? it looks SO FUN!

terica said...

I had to laugh at Grant in the first photo...too funny and I am sure you didn't even notice! This looks SO fun where did you get it?

The Wooten's said...

OK me and the kids are on our way!!!
They are getting so big and man I wish we really were heading your direction!

Miss ya!

Catherine Call said...

That is AMAZING!! The kids look like they are having a BLAST!!

Miriam said...

love those of Cole! That's like a kids heaven to have that in your very own backyard.

Chad and Kristine said...

My girls had a ball on that. Or at least Savannah, I think CHarlie was sleeping. I know you bought it online, where did you get it from? i may have to get one for my girls.

Kristen said...

we have friends with one and my kids love it!

Amy and the boys said...

Ohhh that looks like fun. I think we've had one day this year that it might've been hot enough to get wet- at least for a couple of hours. :)

Jana said...

Our neighbor's have one of those too. It is great! We put together a water party there the last day of school, but D and I ended up going to a VIP viewing of the Oaker Mnt. Temple, so my neighbor was watching my kids and throwing the party. T decided to unplug the thing, and flooded out the front yard, and they had to start over to fill the pool part all back up. That's our T!