Friday, January 23, 2009

Just Visiting

We've had a lot of visitors in the past month.  First, my family came for Christmas. It was so much fun and I loved having a bigger home to host everyone comfortably in! We did a lot of going out to eat, shopping, and hanging out. My favorite memory is playing Catch Phrase and seeing my parents laugh so hard they looked like they were in pain. It was great! We went to Sedona for a quick day trip, too.


We also took family pictures because we haven't had a good one in years. Of course, I had to "tweak" everyone to get their best face, so everyone in this picture is actually from other pictures except for Claire. Photoshop is amazing!


I just had to put this one of my parents, because it's my favorite:


Then, a couple weekends ago my best friend from high school, Tamera, came with her family.  They were in Phoenix because they might move here!  They were scoping out houses/areas and her husband was "interviewing" with a chiropractor here.  We went to lunch and then looked at some houses together.


Then this past weekend Grant's parents and little bro came to visit. We had lots of fun just hangin' out together and Grant's mom helped me hem some curtains for my kitchen, which was SO helpful! Ava always calls Grant's dad "Grandpa Dave," which is my dad's name. We kept prepping her before they came, pointing to his picture and saying, "Far Far" (that's Swedish for grandpa and is what we call him) but when he got here she would only call him Grandpa Dave. He was such a good sport about it and even started referring to himself as Grandpa Dave! :) The only picture I got from the weekend was one of Ava and Far Far/Grandpa Dave taking a nap together.


Grant's sister, Melissa, is coming to visit in two weeks, so we'll have one more visitor! (My goal is to have the formal living room and the bathrooms painted by the time she comes - then the whole house will be done!) We LOVE having visitors, so anyone who's reading this, if you're ever in Phoenix you have a place to stay!


Owen's Mommy said...

Your family is so cute!! We just loved getting to know you guys better the other night. It's nice to have such a fun couple in the ward who knows how to loosen people up!

Kerstin said...

I love to see Ava in her doggie costume. . . charlotte still wears her around too.

Jilly Bean said...

Fun times and I LOVE the picture of your parents laughing. That's the best.

I'm sorry I took so long to get back to you about my sewing machine!! I'm glad you got the curtains hemmed!

Natalie said...

Cass, it is so fun to see your family. Kevin is HUGE! I haven't seen him in years, he has really grown up!

Barlow Family said...

I love all the pictures. I sure wish we had an AZ trip planned. I'd love to see y'all and your new home. :) One day.

Kristen Duke said...

thanks for giving us a post. i can't believe its cold enough in AZ to wear jackets and a scarf. fun to see your family and tamera.