Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My 29th Birthday

Ok, so I spent WAY too long (as in hours too long) on making the graphic that is now on the top of our blog. What can I say, I'm a perfectionist - also, I couldn't figure out how to size it right. Anyway, everyone better enjoy it cuz I wasted almost an entire day on it, dang it! :) So, Monday was my birthday. I'm 29 now. It's my last year of being in my 20's. Sigh. I really, and I mean REALLY cannot believe I'm going to be so old. Anyway, Grant was so cute and planned a very creative birthday party for me. It was a "traveling" birthday party - he called three friends and asked each of them if we could come over for 1/2 an hr or so, bringing the party with us. So we packed the fam in the van with balloons, cupcakes, candles and party hats and brought the party to three different families! It was a lot of fun and a fun twist on the norm. Grant loves to add silly to everything, so he also had us all dress up - I had a bday princess crown and a feather boa on (That sounds like that was ALL I had on!), Claire had a princess ballerina dress on, and then the boys were the best - Cole had on shorts, cowboy vest without a shirt on and a batman cape on (to put it as one of the girls, Grace, did when she opened the door and saw Cole, "Why are you dressed like that? What are you?") and Grant had a short-sleeve button-up shirt, a nasty muscle shirt with an eagle on it over the button-up and his pajama pants. Grant loves this nasty muscle shirt - one step up from a wife-beater - and wears it whenever he gets the chance (which thankfully is not very often). Now that I'm writing all this, I realize we should have taken a picture of all us together. I don't have documentation of the freak show! Anyway, we were a sight to behold. Here are the pics from the evening:


Judd & Amberlynn Whiting said...

Happy Birthday Cassidy! You're not old, you're young!! I turn 29 in september, so I know what you mean about limited time in the 20's. I love the pictures. It looks like you had a wonderful birthday. Oh, and I love the Lundgrens sign at the top of your blog, great job!
Love ya,

Kristen said...

my birthday buddy--it will be so sad to leave teh 20's behind! sounds like you had a fun adventure...was it as good as our big 16th bash?! i love your banner, I keep saying I'm going to make one, but i can't figure out how to size mine....so i give up.