Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Beach

Yes, there is a beach in Milwaukee (and I'm not talking about the nasty Lake Michigan beach). OK, so it's not really in Milwaukee proper, but only about 20ish minutes away from us, so it counts. It's a man-made beach on a lake with a playground and snack bar. It was so much fun! Our friends, the Pothiers (Steve & Kara), invited us last Friday since both Steve and Grant had 1/2 day off that day. It was so fun. The kids loved the water - even Ava giggled every time her feet were submersed. Both Claire and Cole loved chasing fish in the water, although Claire was upset that she couldn't "swim" since we could only go in the part where her feet could touch the bottom. We tried to explain that you could still swim even if your feet can touch, but she would not hear of it. What can we say, she's a purist. Anyway, as you can see from the pictures we were in desperate need of tans, but unfortunately it was a little bit cloudy, so no browning occurred. By the way, Kara took the adorable feet pictures at the end.


Shannon Dickman said...

so cute - but I can't see a bunch of the pictures. They are cropped funny. But, it looks like a blast. I wish we'd found that place while I lived out there!!
miss you,

Judd & Amberlynn Whiting said...

Why didn't I know about this place when I lived there? What a great way to start the weekend. Cassidy, I'm glad you love blogging because I love reading blogs! :) Thank you for your comments on my blog too. It is fun for me to read what you've been up to. Love ya,

Hayley Gordon said...

What cute kids! I cant believe how big they are getting. Wish we would have been there to see you in the king and I, bet you were fantastic!

Kristen said...

fun water picts! i love the one of you and the baby, you must be training your husband well (with the camera). thanks also for the many posts on my blog--some people just don't get it (that i want to hear what they think).
you rock!

and i like the quotes on the bottom, what a fun idea!

Cassidy Lundgren said...

This is Cami. I'm the worst blogger because I don't even have one, so you're one up on me! Claire's looking so big with her long hair! Your kids are so cute. Ava is such a perfect mix of the two others, and I can't believe she's almost one! Can you?
love and miss you guys,