Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dress-up Days

Cole came down the stairs one day in this "ninja" outfit he concocted:


Yes, that is black underwear on his head. I thought it was pretty smart of him to think of it though!

Claire then decided she needed to dress up silly, too, so she put on Ava's swim diapers:


Meanwhile, Ava had been getting into Mommy's makeup and smeared cover-up all over her face along with mascara. Here she's mad because Dad is wiping it off:


Never a dull moment! :)


mindy said...

Oh wow! Love the underwear mask! I hope they were from the drawer and not the hamper...though I guess with black ones, what you don't know won't kill you, right? ;o)

And why do I think Ava wasn't getting into cheap drugstore makeup? It just never seems to work that way, does it?

Chad and Kristine said...

Love the underwear ninga!! Oh Chad was busting up laughing. That is great!!