Sunday, September 9, 2007

Claire's 1st Day of Kindergarten

Claire started all-day kindergarten this week. It wasn't nearly as scary for her as last year when she started half-day kindergarten. She was much more nervous last year since it was a brand-new thing and she didn't really know anyone (except for one boy). This year, though, she's used to the school and knows a lot of the kids in her class, so it's basically the same thing as last year, just longer. I know I, myself, was much less nervous for her than I was last year! I could tell she was excited and she's had a great time all week. I can't believe how big my sweet little girl is getting.

I'm also posting a picture of Cole that I love and keep forgetting to upload:

That's my cutie! Anyway, next post will be about our Couer d'Alene trip, I promise!


Rob & Amy said...

I didn't realize she was starting kindergarten. That will make life a little easier having two at home! How is Cole handling it though?!

Shannon Dickman said...

she looks adorable...and so big. love the pic of Cole - so handsome. I'll have to remember to show the pic to Brea...remind her who her long lost love is :)

miss you sister,

Barlow Family said...

The kids just seem to get cuter and cuter as they get older. How nice that she got a year in with 1/2 day. It's been quite an adjustment for Cameron to go full day.

Kristen Joy said...

i got that same cute pear dress for alyssa, i love it!